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Privacy Policy

  • If you use the services of JUST FINDS, then you can trust us.We are trying to convince you that all the confidentiality policies that you help in using our services, so you should read all the conditions carefully.
  • All our services have been made primarily beneficial for the students. Whatever things are beneficial for the students, the data will be provided to the students and such common people can also use
You can use our services in many ways:
  1. Such as to know the areas of any education or for generality to find something or to share with others or to connect with others or to gather information.
  2. We will continue to make your services better and easier. If you use our services, we want to let you know about privacy information. How you can use our information and how to keep your privacy safeguarded.
  3. The people have concerns about their privacy. Which we collect information. That's why read the following points correctly.
What information do we give?
 We want to give you the best service through advertising. We show you a better line about all the other facilities related to the education of you or entire India as well as many other facilities as per the needs of the students. Which saves time and money for any student.


      Our Specific Features 

 How do we collect information?
How we use collected information?
When you search something or login on the website. At the same time, we can use the information you submit.             

 How do we access information to you?

When you come to our website and you register and place your content. And we are asking you to reach your material to the people and we can see them everywhere.
How We Protect Your Information? 
           When you share your information, it will be searched by other people including the website.
 Your location information
When you use services on the website, we can also gather information about your actual location.
Legal Rule: Our special service is for the students. 
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We use cookies
Yes We do use cookies. Cookies are small files that are capable of collecting or remembering more information in the identification of a site or its service provider or your browser.
Where do we use cookies
Third party disclosure
 We do not sell or trade your personal data. Unless you give advance notice.